Since we all dream about having a perfect vacation, it is no surprise that adventure tourism is so popular. We spend the entire year going to work every morning, and it is perfectly reasonable to feel that some excitement and action would wake us up and provide us with a significant energy boost. However, some people prefer lying all day and relaxing in the sun when on holidays, and that is also easy to understand. They need some time off, simply because daily obligations and constant pressure at work can take their toll. We are all different, and we do not perceive vacations in the same way, but the vast majority of people occasionally feel the need for something exotic and life-changing, and adventure tours in Florida can provide you with a lot of fun and excitement.

The “Sunshine State” is one the most popular tourist destinations in the country and millions of people decide to spend their summer vacations there. Of course, Florida has a pleasant climate year-round, and this is one if the main reasons for its popularity. Also, a lot of exciting destinations, local events (such as carnivals, fairs, community events), and the possibility to interact with nature are also attractive to the potential visitors.

Adventure Tours

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it comes to organized adventure tours in Florida, one of the most popular activities is swimming with manatees. At the picturesque Crystal River, where warm springs heat up the water, these “gentle giants of the sea” are casually floating around, and you can easily join them in their underwater habitat. Around 80 manatees spend the entire year here while additional 300 of them arrive during the winter months. Even though these animals are wild, they are peaceful and calm, and tourists usually have the opportunity to interact with them.

Of course, if you do not want to get wet, you can stay on the pontoon boat and observe the natural surroundings from the deck, which can also be a fun way to spend your day. Also, at the Homosassa State Wildlife Park, you can watch wildlife in action, and various kinds of animals are present there – from manatees and alligators to otters and even a hippopotamus!

What To Expect From Adventure Tours

If you are a fan of moving around and getting in touch with nature, adventure tours are the perfect option for you, and you will certainly feel great once you return to your hotel room. Besides snorkeling and swimming with manatees, Florida offers a lot of other activities and options, and the fun can take many forms, depending on your ideas and preferences.

03_homosassa_springs_wildlife_parkFor instance, adrenaline junkies can take a ride on narrated airboats, and this thrilling experience will see them flying over water and grassy areas looking at the surrounding wildlife. On the other hand, families and young ones can visit the underwater observatories for manatees and other animals, which can also be an entertaining way to spend your day and have fun with your loved ones.

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